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We offer a range of professional tree services!

Georgetown Tree Service is here to improve the care of present and future your trees positively. We provide effective tree care services, based on international standards and practices. Each service we provide is unique to each customer’s tree developmental needs and is built based on the fundamental concept of holding the environmental balance in line with urban modernization.

Are You Looking For A Tree Removal Service?

Our certified arborist providers have provided excellent tree care around the world, including   Emergency tree service, Stump Grinding, Tree Removal, tree service etc., before you let your trees take over your property.

Stump Grinding

We provide our best stumping services, making it easy to extract tree easily and efficiently.

Tree Removal

Our trained specialists expertly cut trees after a hurricane or if the property doesn't want the tree anymore.

Tree Trimming

Forest Maintenance of care is done in the fall through the spring. Take your trees periodically and keep them lovely and safe.

Emergency Tree Service

We are only a phone call away when a disaster strikes! We remove these problematic trees safely and quickly.

Why Choose Georgetown Tree Service?

Our team experts will efficiently hack and slash your trees to develop quickly, which help to make your property appear better and more stunning. There are several occasions where it is appropriate to eradicate a tree, particularly if a tree becomes a threat to humans or land. There are many times when the tree grows so close to power lines or that the roots tend to harm the plumbing or the base of your home. This is why you can count on our team’s experts to remove a tree. We will make a full assessment of the situation to ensure that the appropriate intervention is taken. In emergency tree service i.e. in storm situation, we ensure that before stormy weather you take the right precautions and advise you on which trees to plant to prevent potential damage. Moreover, we would work closely to provide the most effective service in the area to you and your company.

In other tree services, unfortunately, tree diseases are a prevalent concern. We have team members that are experts in this field and are able to advise you on the appropriate precautions to prevent disease and to assist you in diagnosing your sick trees. Common disease symptoms include discolouration, wilt of leaves, dead patches and sooty / moldy leaves. In addition, our team members know tree fertilization and are able to provide high quality fertilization services. Our tree experts can assist you to select and plan the tree correctly for your yard. If you want your trees to be assessed for health, call us.

We proudly supply our clients these specialist tree removal and tree services. We are glad that we remove tree attentively and safely, trim tree, grind stump and much more. Just contact our team anytime for a free consultation if you are looking for high-quality tree services for your home or business. The storm destruction or fallen trees is never pleasant to do. We make it as stress-free for you as possible. We are pleased to provide excellent customer support and to render this experience as friendly as possible, from the very first phone call up to the end of our operation.

Georgetown Tree Service quickly assesses the situation when we reach your property and deal with any immediate dangers to prevent further damage. We can clarify the appropriate course of action to you after a thoughtful evaluation. If you have overgrown trees in your yard and need to cut or remove them, please contact our team for a free estimate today.


Georgetown Tree Service provided a highly knowledgeable and skilled service with good old fashioned manners and customer focus. It was a pleasure to deal with them.
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